Is Khloe Kardashian having a girl? Here’s one major clue that she might be


Previously, there were rumors that Khloe Kardashian’s baby is a boy but some recent comments that she made have us thinking maybe it’s a girl. 

Khloe Kardashian has announced her pregnancy twice now. Once on Instagram and then again on the two-part Keeping Up With The Kardashians special last week. What she hasn’t done yet is shared the gender of her baby with us.

Considering that she’s now six months pregnant, it’s safe to say that Khloe knows if she’s having a boy or a girl now. She hasn’t given any indication that she and Tristan Thompson plan to wait until the baby is born to find out the gender.

That said, previous Khloe Kardashian pregnancy rumors suggested that the KUWTK star is pregnant with a baby boy. The only rumored boy since Kim’s surrogate just gave birth to a baby girl and Kylie is rumored to be having a girl too.

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Is it possible that we were wrong? Some things that Khloe recently shared have us thinking hmm…maybe it’s a girl after all. Here is why:

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There has been a lot of discussion about baby names lately. With so many pregnant KUWTK stars, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, while everyone is either gushing or cringing over Kim and Kanye naming their third baby Chicago, Khloe has made it clear that she has no idea what she will be naming hers.

That right there is the clue. Why? Because at the beginning of January when she was a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Khloe was talking baby names and already said that if they had a little boy, she would name him after his father. That kind of takes the work out of it right there.

Tristan James Thompson Jr. There, that wasn’t so hard. Since the Kardashians are so big on nicknames, they could even call him TJ, short for Tristan James or Tristan Junior. That would be pretty cute.

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Now, if Khloe Kardashian’s baby is a girl, that’s a whole other story. As Khloe lamented on Twitter recently, “Ugh me too!! lol I can barely decide what I want to eat. Let alone name a baby.”

That says that she’s still mulling over baby names and trying to decide on the perfect one. It could mean that Khloe and Tristan are expecting a baby girl. Or it could be a decoy to throw us all off. You decide.