Is Khloe Kardashian’s beau moving the family to L.A.?


Reports suggest Tristan Thompson may be traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Khloe Kardashian only recently made official what was long expected: She and her partner Tristan Thompson are having a baby. She made the announcement at a barbecue, where Kris Jenner immediately started crying and told her daughter no one is meant to be a mother “more than Khloe.” Of course — Keeping Up With the Kardashians captured it all!

Thompson is an NBA player for the Cleveland Cavaliers and while the Cavs play a few games in L.A. each season — and there’s always the off-season — he still necessarily lives and spends most of his time in Ohio. That could all be changing soon, much to the delight of the Kardashian family. (Khloe spends time in Cleveland, too, but has been vocal about wanting to move back to the West Coast.) Turns out, Tristan may be traded to none other than the Los Angeles Clippers.

An insider with the Clippers gave the following exclusive:

"The Cavs are in deep discussions with the Los Angeles Clippers to trade Tristan Thompson. All the Clippers have to do is accept the trade offer but Clippers officials are going to have the Cavs sweat it out ’til the last minute to see if they will offer much more than they want to because the Clippers want to get more out of the deal than the Cavs are willing to send at this point."

Unfortunately, Hollywood Life is the only place reporting the likelihood of such a trade with any confidence. Bleacher Report is aware of a potential trade but doesn’t seem to think its all that attractive to either team. CBS as well is keeping tabs on a trade too. And while they may not want to start family life in Cleveland, playing with LeBron James and the Cavaliers still represent Tristan’s best shot at another NBA title.

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The NBA trade deadline is Feb. 8, meaning we’ll know soon enough whether this Kardashian fam is heading home or not.