Here is the latest Kim Kardashian topless photo to break the internet


Kim Kardashian is trending on Twitter today and everyone seems to be worked up over the reason why. 

Being a mom of three hasn’t stopped Kim Kardashian for showing off some of her more famous assets. And by assets, I’m talking about her body. All of it. Today, Kim dropped a really revealing selfie on Twitter and Facebook that has everyone in an uproar. Read: she broke the internet again.

After debuting Bo Derek-esque braids that must have taken at least a zillion hours, Twitter went into a tizzy about possible cultural appropriation. Then, Lindsay Lohan even tried to insert herself in the conversation before Kim expertly slayed her and sent her back to whatever that place is where washed up actors go.

Now, Kim Kardashian is still trending on Twitter and I’ll explain why…after I pick my jaw up off the floor.

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The queen of selfies dropped a big one today. Don’t get me wrong, most of us have seen all of Kim Kardashian’s naked body in some form or another. She’s not exactly shy about it and often poses (artfully) nude for magazines and a variety of other photo shoots.

Kim Kardashian’s topless photo is a big deal because normally, she covers up her breasts. She’ll either use pasties or just her hands but today’s photo is showing Kim in all her glory. Well, there might be some slight blurring for Facebook due to their content guidelines but seriously, do not be surprised if they pull that picture. It’s very risque.

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The photo must be recent because she has those controversial Bo Derek braids. With her bare breasts exposes, Kim Kardashian is seen posing in the photo with nothing on but a pair of white thong underwear and a fur coat. Take that Pamela Anderson!

Be sure to check out the other, not as jaw-dropping photos of Kim Kardashian that she also shared today with her newly braided hair on display (and other assets.)