So much for a Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan reunion


Lindsay Lohan learned a hard lesson today… Don’t come for Kim Kardashian and she won’t come for you. 

Kim Kardashian started quite an uproar on social media today when she debuted a photo of herself wearing long Bo Derek-esque platinum blonde braids. To make sure that everyone got the reference, she even captioned the photo, “Bo West.”

It seems that Lindsay Lohan was feeling a bit froggy today. Or maybe she really just did get it. However, when she posted about being confused in the comments of Kim’s photo in an Instagram repost by Perez Hilton, the claws came out.

Kim saw Linday’s “I am confused” response to her new photo and clearly she wasn’t having it today. Rather than ignore Lindsay’s swipe, Kim swung back at her former partygoing pal…hard. Kim even tagged Lindsay Lohan in her response to Lindsay Lohan to make sure she saw it and wasn’t further confused by who it was meant for.

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Kim wrote, “You know what’s confusing…your sudden foreign accent.” Meow!!!

There is plenty more that Kim can say about Lindsay if she really wants to go to war on Twitter. Don’t forget that back in the day, Kim and Lindsay could be seen palling around Hollywood with Paris Hilton.

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Even more recently than that, Lindsay was photographed with Kim alongside Kanye West and Jonathan Cheban. Despite posing for a picture together, it’s pretty clear that the 2013 meetup was as uncomfortable for Kim to be a part of as it was for her fans to see.

In reality, It was Kourtney Kardashian who seemed to have the better bond with Lindsay Lohan back before she totally flamed out. However, many of us remember the 90s when Paris Hilton and Britney Spears ruled the social scene along with Lindsay and an upcoming Kim Kardashian.

Paris and Lindsay broke up so hard that she won’t even be getting an invite to the hottest wedding of 2018. We’re not talking about the royal wedding either. Paris Hilton’s marriage to Chris Zylka is going to be an A-list soiree and guess who is not invited? Lindsay Lohan.

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Maybe there will be a great outcome to Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter shade. It’s certainly something that Kim and Paris can chat about as they restrengthen their bond.

As for Lindsay Lohan, they say that Kim Kardashian just ended her. But hasn’t she been over for a long time?