Kim Kardashian confesses which scent she can never wear again


Who wants to smell like their father’s girlfriends? Not Kim Kardashian. 

At one point in her life, Kim Kardashian’s favorite scent was Thierry Mugler’s Angel. She loved it so much that her deceased father, Robert Kardashian Sr., would bring it back for her when he went on trips. Now, the makeup and fragrance mogul says she can never wear that smell again and explains exactly why.

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Obviously, the scent of Angel evokes a memory of Kim’s father, which isn’t all bad. She’s even said that when she smells it, she just can’t help but think of him. It brings back memories of those gifted bottles over the years.

"“My dad’s thing was that he always bought me fragrance, everywhere he went. When he’d travel, he’d come back with fragrance and I collected them in high school. So it really does evoke a memory.”"

However, the iconic fragrance also brings back some other memories. Not necessarily bad ones but if you think about it, it’s just weird.

In a recent Refinery 29  interview, Kim Kardashian talked about her acquired aversion to Thierry Mugler’s Angel. Apparently, Robert Kardashian also liked the smell a lot. So much so, that he started buying Angel for his girlfriends too.

“With Angel, he started to buy it for all of his girlfriends, too, and they would be really annoying, so I wouldn’t like it anymore,” Kim said. “There were maybe two or three [girlfriends]. I got so sick of it because it turned into all their fragrances instead of my fragrance. I was like, ‘Okay I’m done. I can’t wear that anymore.’”

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While the scent does evoke good memories of her dad, who can really argue that sharing that scent with his girlfriends wasn’t really weird?