Kylie Jenner wanted to keep pregnancy private but that’s bogus


Kylie Jenner finally announced her pregnancy, but only after it was over. 

We waited for months and months expecting Kylie Jenner to confirm her pregnancy at some point. Earlier today, she did, sort of. Jenner announced the birth of her daughter (no name as of yet) on February 1. She documented the entire pregnancy and released a video compilation of it on YouTube. Kylie also posted a note on social media to her fans.

The reality star and makeup mogul wanted to keep her pregnancy a secret so she could enjoy the experience. Kylie Jenner talked about the stress the baby would feel and the chaos that would ensue had she announced she was expecting. Of course, she apologized to her fans. Here’s the thing, sorry doesn’t mean anything.

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Living in the public eye means your secrets aren’t kept. A reality star is filmed through all things and if you aren’t willing to show certain parts of your life, you shouldn’t be a reality star.

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Look, I like Kylie Jenner a lot. She is probably one of my favorites, behind Khloe Kardashian who is my everything. I don’t agree with her need to keep her pregnancy quiet, especially after everyone had it all figured out and she went completely MIA. We weren’t stupid, and going ghost was pretty crappy.

I get it, Kylie Jenner is young. She was probably scared about what people would say, especially since she was hot off the Tyga breakup and fell pregnant with Travis Scott’s child nearly immediately. Who are we to judge? Do you girl.

Please don’t take your fans for granted. They are the ones who made you famous, the ones who buy your makeup and everything else. While there will always be critics, your fans would have had your back when you announced you were pregnant.

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Your jig was up a long time ago Kylie. We hoped you would talk about your pregnancy, we hoped you would at least confirm before your precious daughter was born. But here we are, learning about your pregnancy on Superbowl Sunday, three days after your pregnancy ended. I’m disappointed in the way things went down, but I am still a fan.