Dina Manzo blasts Kylie Jenner for announcing the birth of her daughter


Former RHONJ star Dina Manzo unexpectedly shot off a ton of criticism at Kylie Jenner after she announced the birth of her child. 

Kylie Jenner gave birth to a girl on February 1 and announced the new arrival right before the Super Bowl on February 4. While many Keeping Up With The Kardashians marveled at the beauty of a new life created, one former Real Housewives star wasn’t impressed at all.

According to Dina Manzo, Kylie Jenner’s birth announcement should have come with a warning label. Apparently, keeping the entire nine months of pregnancy to herself and only revealing anything after the baby was born wasn’t good enough.

The former Real Housewives of New Jersey star took to Twitter to “congratulate” Kylie Jenner on her baby news.

Seriously? It seems like any time would have been a better time to criticize someone rather than the first few days after they give birth. Obviously, I wasn’t the only person who read that tweet and thought it was incredibly rude. Plenty of Kylie’s fans or maybe those who also thought now is not the best timing for a lecture responded to Dina’s mean tweet.

Dina even apologized, realizing how judgmental she was sounding on social media. However, she wasn’t backing down either.

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So we’re going to take her advice and talk to her when we’re parents. I am a parent. Like Dina Manzo, I believe that all births are special and all babies should be celebrated. That’s why it’s so offensive that she would immediately start lashing out at Kylie Jenner. What was the point? To get a few headlines and see her name finally in the news? Well, here it is.

While some (read: Dina Manzo) feel like Kylie Jenner should literally be telling those who follow her not to get pregnant and turn her special moment into a documentary, others realize that everything on social media is accessible later like an open record. When Kylie’s child is older, she’ll see this video too.

Kylie is then left in a position where she’s damned if she celebrates her child for the miracle that she is or if she turns the whole thing into a PSA to appease a group of people who seem to think she is responsible for the welfare of everyone who follows her rather than letting their own parents guide them. She’ll be judged either way. Someone, whether it be Manzo or someone else, will find something to complain about.

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Hopefully, Kylie Jenner will continue to block out all of the noise and just continue to enjoy her brand new baby girl. She is fully competent and able to take care of a child even at her very young age. Many feel that she proved her maturity by stepping out of the spotlight to ensure a healthy pregnancy, both for herself and for the child. Kylie doesn’t owe anything else to anyone else.