Wendy Williams slams ‘selfish’ Kim Kardashian about Chicago West’s debut


Wendy Williams has it out for Kim Kardashian. 

Yesterday, Wendy Williams attempted to make herself relevant again using the coattails of the KarJenner women. Kylie Jenner announced her big baby news on Superbowl Sunday, so Monday morning she was the talk of the town.

Kylie Jenner introduced her daughter and shared the journey of her pregnancy in an 11-minute YouTube video. During the video, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West debuted their new daughter, Chicago West.

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During her “hot topics” talk, Wendy Williams slammed Kim Kardashian as “selfish” for debuting her child during a moment that was meant to showcase Kylie Jenner and her new life as a mom. It was very clear Williams was being hateful, as any dig she can get in with Kim is one she wants to take. It appears there is a little bit of jealousy happening here, Wendy is likely even stocked up on the haterade.

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It is incredibly likely that Kylie Jenner wanted that moment included in her video. Two baby girl cousins being debuted at the same time — what isn’t to love about it?

Jenner isn’t one who is pressured into doing or saying anything (as was apparent with her not-so-secret secret pregnancy) she doesn’t want to do. Not to mention that it was Kylie who put the video out, so anything Kim did had to get past her.

This is not the first time Wendy Williams has slammed Kim Kardashian. Just about a week ago, the talk show host talked about Kanye West not paying attention to his wife because she feels the need to post nude selfies. Again, likely a hint of jealousy because Williams’ man has reportedly been stepping out on her.

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The KarJenners aren’t even giving Wendy Williams the time of day. Her remarks are irrelevant, just like her “career.”