KUWTK sneak peek: Kris Jenner gets a shocking call from Kendall


Every mother’s nightmare is to get an emergency call from one of their kids and in this KUWTK sneak peek, Kris Jenner gets just that. 

Kendall Jenner suffers from anxiety and has talked about it on past episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Sometimes, the pressure of modeling and just being famous in general can catch up with her and the results can be pretty terrifying.

In the latest KUWTK sneak peek, we get a glimpse of what Kendall is going through when she gets on the phone with her mom during an attack. It’s clear that Kendall’s anxiety is super serious and it had Kris Jenner panicking in the clip.

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The whole scene plays out while Kris and Kim were in the middle of a meeting. Kim Kardashian even looks pretty irritated as Kris talks with Kendall to make sure that she’ll be okay.

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The young model told her mom that she doesn’t feel very good and she doesn’t know why. Kris can be seen asking Kendall if she wants a ride to the hospital. Kris is literally ready to drop everything and walk out of the meeting to help her daughter.

In the KUWTK sneak peek, it’s also explained that Kendall has a fear of flying. In a flashback clip, you can see her talking about how flying affects her, causing Kendall to get lightheaded and feel like she might faint.

Kris Jenner knows all about Kendall’s anxiety problem. In a confessional, she tells the camera that when Kendall is faced with a lot of things coming at her at once, she gets overwhelmed. Considering that she’s the highest paid model in the world right now, it’s safe to say that Kendall stays busy all of the time

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