Kendall Jenner portrayed as homewrecker in palimony suit against rumored boyfriend Blake Griffin


Despite not having confirmed her relationship with Blake Griffin, Kendall Jenner is in the middle of his palimony suit. 

Yesterday, we told you about the palimony suit that was filed against Blake Griffin. News in his life hasn’t been easy this past week as he was traded and hit with the lawsuit. Griffin apparently knew it was coming, and he warned Kendall Jenner ahead of time.

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Sources are saying that Kendall Jenner is having a hard time being named in this suit. She has not yet confirmed the relationship with Blake Griffin, and now, she is being portrayed as a homewrecker. That isn’t who Kendall is, and definitely not a name she wants to make for herself.

Brynn Cameron is alleging that Blake Griffin abandoned his family to date Kendall. The two reportedly began seeing one another in September of 2017, after Cameron and Griffin split. The two share two children together, and she is saying he no longer wanted to be a family man. Griffin was more interested in chasing Jenner than supporting his children.

There is a lot of back and forth regarding the arrangement Blake and Brynn had agreed upon. She is reportedly mad because she claims he promised she would never have to work in her life, and now, he isn’t interested in carrying out that promise. Cameron seems to be fixated on Kendall Jenner being the reason her happily ever after didn’t work out.

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Officially, Kendall Jenner has not yet commented on the palimony suit. She is very private in her life, so commenting on a situation she has not confirmed is likely not going to happen. The timeline is pretty clear, but the bad rap Jenner is getting from it just isn’t cool.