Blac Chyna has a sex tape and no one knows why


Blac Chyna is seen in a video while performing a sexual act on an unidentified male. 

It looks like Blac Chyna needed some attention, and she is definitely getting it. A sex tape has been released featuring the former reality star and an unidentified male. It isn’t as scandalous as it seems, it is only oral sex, but everyone has an opinion on it right now.

Social media is going wild, mostly saying negative things about Blac Chyna and her lack of oral sex skills. That’s right, they are critiquing how well of a job she is doing, and everyone is else is sitting back and watching the show.

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Please remember that Kim Kardashian’s career blew up because of her sex tape with Ray J. This is definitely not an accidental leak or an unplanned drop. Blac Chyna knows exactly what she is doing, and we have her number pegged.

She has desperately wanted to be a Kardashian. Remember, Chyna was trying to trademark her name as Angela Renee Kardashian. It was blocked, but she is forever connected to the family now that she is the mother of Rob Kardashian’s only child.

This tactic is old and tired. Now, she has a sex tape and very little respect from the community who once cheered her on. Blac Chyna has become obsessed with the Kardashians. Aside from wanting to be in the family and having a piece of the money pie, she is also actively suing several members of the family.

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You can’t make this stuff up. Blac Chyna is really doing her best to get noticed while all of the KarJenner sisters are getting attention for doing nothing. Sex tapes only work if you are relevant, and well……