Kim Kardashian laughing at Blac Chyna’s sex tape?


Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian is highly amused by Blac Chyna’s sex tape leak on Twitter though we’ll likely never hear about it from her.

Twitter was in an uproar over Blac Chyna’s sex tape. It seems that everyone was laughing about Chyna’s lack of skills or laziness or whatever it was that caused her to look so bad on film. It turns out that Kim Kardashian may also be laughing about the sad state of Chyna’s skills.

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian also has a sex tape. It is the highest grossing sex tape of all time, after all. Even though Keeping Up With The Kardashians was already on the air when the tape was leaked, it’s safe to say that Kim’s popularity skyrocketed after seeing her in the flesh so to speak.

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Now, Hollywood Life is reporting that Kim has seen Blac Chyna’s attempt at oral sex and she doesn’t feel bad for her nemesis at all. An insider reportedly told the gossip site that all of the KarJenner sisters are having a good laugh. They’re also very thankful that this time around, Rob Kardashian wasn’t involved.

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Blac Chyna doesn’t seem nearly as amused as Kim Kardashian and her famous sisters are. She already spoke out about the sex tape and claims that it was revenge porn. The thing is, no one knows who leaked it.

At first, it was reported that an “unidentified male” was in the video with Chyna. Since then, her ex-boyfriend Mechie has come out and taken ownership of the male genitals seen in the short clip. He denies leaking it though and says that he is “pissed” about the leak.

Kim Kardashian has been known to take public digs at people when she gets irritated enough. When it comes to Blac Chyna, don’t expect her to make a statement or even take a veiled dig.

“Kim isn’t going to clown Chyna publicly because social media is already killing her pretty badly for her fellatio skills,” the insider told Hollywood Life. “Kim is so happy that Rob has nothing to do with this and has only told him to continue to be the awesome dad to Dream that he has been since she was born.”

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That’s a smart move since Chyna is still trying to sue most of the KarJenner family. After dropping Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian from her lawsuit against them, she recently added both of the sisters’ names back without explanation. With all of that legal drama going on, it’s definitely better if Kim keeps quiet and just lets social media continue to roast Rob Kardashian’s ex.