Kylie Jenner blamed for Snapchat stock free fall after tweeting about new update


Snap, Inc. shareholders aren’t happy with Kylie Jenner right now after stock in Snapchat tanks. 

Let’s face it, more than a million people signed a petition asking Snapchat to undo the latest update because seemingly no one is happy about it. Kylie Jenner isn’t happy about it either and she said as much on Twitter.

Kylie tweeted, “sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad” on Wednesday. Since then, the tweet has been liked more than 321,000 times, retweeted more than 62,000 times and commented on by more than 4,300 people by the time this piece was published.

According to Bloombergafter Kylie’s tweet, Snap, Inc. stock dropped by 6.1 percent. Kylie is being blamed for a $1.3 billion drop in market value of the Snapchat stock.

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Two things were learned (or reinforced rather, because we already knew them.) The first being that the latest Snapchat update sucks. The second thing we learned from Kylie’s tweet is that her opinion is a big deal and people are listening.

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The thing is, the way Kylie Jenner’s opinion of the latest changes on Snapchat is being portrayed isn’t really fair to her. Kylie used Snapchat faithfully for a very long time. Up until she went into hiding during her pregnancy, the KUWTK star regularly shared updates, photos, videos and way too much information via the social media app. If anyone has a right to their opinion about the most recent update, it should be one of their biggest influencers and someone who knows how to use the app, inside and out.

Not to mention that Snapchat executives have already come out and said they have no plans to remove the latest update. Well, those who use it have overwhelmingly said they don’t like the way it all works now.

Maybelline, who also has a large Snapchat presence, also commented on the drop in views on Snapchat after Kylie spoke out. On Twitter, the popular brand revealed, “Snapchat views have dropped dramatically.”  They are currently trying to determine if the brand will even stay on Snapchat following the huge tumble in popularity for the app.

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So while Kylie Jenner’s tweet may have caused Snap, Inc. stockholders to start selling off their shares, dropping the stock prices, it’s not really Kylie’s fault. After all, the company was asked to undo all the changes that users hate and said no.