Kim Kardashian is ‘over’ being blonde — Can we expect a hair color switch soon?


Back in September, Kim Kardashian went blonde and now it looks like the KUWTK star is ready for a change again. 

Be on the lookout for Kim Kardashian with much darker hair in the near future. After spending roughly seven months with ultra blonde tresses, she’s clearly ready to go back to her roots, so to speak.

Kim has gone blonde before but has never stayed that way for long. This time around, she held on to the hard-to-manage style for several months. She did share her complaints about the high maintenance hair-do on more than one occasion.

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It’s no secret that going from extremely dark hair to platinum blonde can take its toll on hair. It also takes a long time to dye it properly and requires a whole lot of upkeep. Kim Kardashian is high maintenance. In fact, she’s basically the definition of the term.

Even though she’s used to sitting in a chair for hours while her team makes her look even more beautiful, the amount of dedication that it takes to stay blonde when her real color is so dark wasn’t something that Kim cared for.

Despite all of that, Kim managed and maintained her super light tresses but now, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is ready for a change.  On Saturday, Kim Kardashian tweeted about her current feelings regarding her hair and the fact that it’s still blonde.

Today, Kim Kardashian shared with fans that she and most of her family are filming Family Feud. She’s still ultra blonde in the video shared to Snapchat. However, we can count on Kim to switch it up soon and go back to a much darker shade that is easier for her to maintain.