Kim Kardashian had to leave an Oscars party early but while she was there…


Kim Kardashian has to balance being a mom and being one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, which is why she wasn’t out late on Oscars night. 

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians mogul gets a lot of criticism for continuing to work, travel and socialized despite having three kids. Usually, the people throwing out the most negativity don’t really pay attention to Kim Kardashian, though. If they did, they’d know that Kim is all about family and she definitely gets time in with her kids.

A great example of how hard Kim manages to work and play would be Oscar night. On Sunday night, Kim Kardashian was seen out rubbing elbows with the A-list elite. She even managed to spend some quality time with Madonna and Cardi B that night.

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Fans are extra excited by Madge’s announcement that she will be working on a collaboration with Kim. So really, Kim’s evening at an Oscars party was part work and part play.

It turns out that Kim didn’t party til the sun came up or anything cliche like that. She was likely one of the first to leave. That’s because she had mommy duties the next day and couldn’t just ignore them.

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On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian and Madonna were back together to announce their collab. At the MDNA x KKW Beauty event held in Los Angeles, Kim told Madonna all about her business morning schedule. She also took the opportunity to out Kourtney, who did enjoy herself after the Oscars.

Kim Has said before that she gets up really early every day. She described a typical morning to Madonna, who couldn’t seem to believe it.

“My mornings are madness,” Kim explained. “Sometimes I get up at like 5 to work out before I take the kids to school. That’s usually what I do. I work out at like 5:30, 5:45, and get home by 7. I just go next door to my mom’s house — she lives next door on my street, across the street, so I just run over there and work out in her gym.”

Kim didn’t skip a beat before outing Kourtney’s party night. She also proved that many of her critics, who claim that the Kardashians rely on nannies and extra help, are totally wrong.

“I moved my day around but I had to do carpool,” Kim said about her busy day after the Oscars party.  “On Sunday we just went out, and Kourtney stayed out until almost 6 and I’m just like, ‘A**hole, I have to take all the kids to school,’ while she’s partying it up.”

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It turns out that Kim Kardashian did end up leaving Madonna’s Oscars afterparty around 3 am. Still tired from the fun night, Kim pushed back her morning workout session and didn’t get up until around 7 am according to PeopleShe still got it done though and managed to get her kids and Kourtney’s kids to school on time.