After six months as a blonde, Kim Kardashian is finally brunette again!


Kim Kardashian had silvery blonde hair for six months but now she’s back to her roots and KUWTK fans couldn’t be happier. 

Let’s face it, Kim Kardashian can pull off any look she wants. That said, she definitely rocks dark hair better than any other. It just compliments her complexion and her personality so well. So when Kim started hinting that she was tired of being blonde, fans knew she was about to make a big change. When Kim turned up in Japan with pink hair, it was pretty clear that was just a pit stop.

Over the weekend Kim popped up on Snapchat with a new, darker ‘do. “I’m back,” Kim exclaimed in the caption for one of the videos she shared with her new dark locks.

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Kim Kardashian’s brunette hair was revealed just before Khloe Kardashian’s baby shower on Saturday. When photos of Khloe’s big day were shared, sure enough, Kim was there with brunette hair instead of blonde.

So far, Kim hasn’t shared a lot of pictures with her new brunette tresses. Just the initial peek on Snapchat and Khloe’s photos. On Kim Kardashian’s Instagram, she’s even still sharing a few blonde pictures including a new one of a blonde Kim, Kris, and MJ. Don’t be shocked if she has an even bigger reveal up her sleeve.

Even though Kim complained often about the amount of upkeep required to maintain her previously silver-blonde hair, don’t be surprised if she takes the plunge with color again soon. After all, its not the first time she’s bleached out her hair and gone for a different look. Also, Kim has admitted that Kanye West really likes her hair blonde.

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For now, though, we’re glad to have our brunette Kim Kardashian back. With Season 14 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians over, fans need all the Kim K. they can get to hold us over for a few months. Which had me thinking… Could Kim’s decision to go brunette again mark the start of filming for Season 15?