Kylie Jenner wears waist trainer just weeks after giving birth


Kylie Jenner shows off waist trainer as fans talk about how quickly she snapped back after having baby Stormi. 

Getting back in shape after having a baby is often a challenge for new mothers. Not for Kylie Jenner, though! The 20-year-old KUWTK star gave birth less than two months ago and already, she’s looking like she was never even pregnant in the first place. Many new moms want to know Kylie’s secret to getting her pre-baby body back. It looks like at least one trick is to use a waist trainer.

Now we all know that Kylie and many other celebs post all kinds of stuff on social media for a payday. That could be what she did on Monday with a shout out to Premadonna and the Waist Gang Society. After all, it was clearly marked “ad.”

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“My girl @premadonna87hooked me up with the @waistgangsocietysnap back package,” Kylie wrote. “Waistgang has the BEST quality ssnapbackproducts. Make sure you get your package & follow @waistgangsociety to join & keep up the journey together.”

That said, aside from a very short stint on Love & Hip Hop, Premadonna has made a name for herself selling these waist shapers and they’re pretty popular among celebrities.

As Women’s Health pointed out, this isn’t the first time that Kylie Jenner has posed in a Waist Gang Society waist trainer. She was dropping ads for the cinchers on the Gram before she ever got pregnant.

Just like everything else related to the KarJenners, waist training is controversial. According to reports, many doctors don’t suggest the method for flattening bellies after having a baby for many reasons. One being that the waist trainer will keep the woman wearing it from exercising her core muscles. Ultimately, that could do more harm than good.

Another issue that many have with using waist trainers is that they can stop oxygen flow and put pressure on internal organs. Ultimately, the constant pressure can cause ribs and internal organs to become misshapen.

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Despite all of those warnings and possible problems, waist training continues to be popular. There were even complaints on Twitter about Kylie Jenner supporting the waist training movement. Fans called the KUWTK star out on the Waist Gang Society ad, suggesting that she do better when her advertisements.

Do you think Kylie Jenner achieved her tiny waist so quickly after giving birth because of a waist trainer? Or was it more likely that she’s been very careful about her food intake and getting enough exercise?