Yeezy Dating — Taylor Swift fans banned from new Kanye West dating site


It’s no secret that Kanye West and Taylor Swift are enemies after their last drama and a new Yeezy Dating service won’t allow Swifties to join. 

Celebrity dating sites are considered the next frontier of ways for the famous to make more money. That said, here comes Yeezy Dating, a Kanye West-inspired way to meet like-minded singles in hopes of finding the one…or the one for the night depending on your end goal.

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What Yeezy Dating won’t have is Taylor Swift fans. According to the New York Postthe newest celebrity dating site will give Kanye West fans a place to meet up. The website is expected to open later this month and there’s only one catch — you can’t be a Swiftie.

Upon further inspection, it’s clear that Yeezy Dating isn’t about Taylor Swift fans. When you click on the website to sign up for early access, it says so loud and clear. What’s not clear though, is how they determine if you’re a Swiftie or not.

It’s entirely possible that the new website searches your social media profiles to make sure first. After all, it’s been reported that some can’t input their email address because the system will not accept it.

According to MTV, Yeezy Dating was founded by Harry Dry. The 22-year old web developer has only been a Kanye West fan for about four years. He says that Kanye inspired him and showed him that he can make it big too.

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Just to be clear, do not expect Kanye West to be present on his website. He’s not actively dating and not actually a member. As a matter of fact, he may not be involved in this project at all. Harry is currently trying to get ahold of Mr. West. They clearly have business to discuss.