Everone in tears as Kim Kardashian introduces KKW Beauty X Mario Dedivanovic makeup launch


KKW Beauty just launched a brand new collection in partnership with Mario Dedivanovic but it was Kim Kardashian’s speech that had Kris Jenner crying. 

Kim Kardashian and Mario Dedivanovic are collaborating on a new KKW Beauty collection and it’s going to be epic. On Friday, Kim was speaking about the makeup release, giving a speech about how important this specific launch is to her. After all, she and Mario are celebrating 10 years of friendship and have been working together for much of that time.

April 5 is the release date, literally 10 years to the day from when Kim and Mario met. According to Peoplethe highly anticipated collab includes 2 lip glosses, a lipstick, and an eyeshadow palette all based on looks that Mario has created for Kim over the years. Hopefully, it’s all waterproof because as Kim spoke about the friendship and the launch, there weren’t too many dry eyes.


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“I really am grateful that you guys came to see me and Mario. I feel like this has been 10 years in the making,” Kim told the audience. “Everything I’ve learned about makeup has come from Mario.”

Over the years, Mario did more than just put makeup on Kim Kardashian. He also taught her a lot about it. He even showed her how to apply her own makeup. For that, Kim has credited Mario with teaching her everything that she knows.

“I would say, ‘OK I’m gonna wipe off half my face, and I want you to see and watch me do it and make sure I could, like, make it perfect just like yours,’” Kim explained. “And I would have him just teach me lesson after lesson of how to do makeup.”

Mario shared a video of Kim’s speech on Instagram. In it, you can see that no one has a dry eye, not even Kris Jenner. All three of them, Kim, Mario, and Kris, are in tears during the emotional speech. It’s quite a touching thing to see.

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The upcoming KKW Beauty X Mario Dedivanovic collaboration launches on April 5. Those who want to get their hands on the latest makeup launch might want to get online as soon as it launches. With all of the hype surrounding Kim and Mario’s 10-year friend anniversary, there’s a good chance they will sell out.