Blac Chyna is ready to fight Rob Kardashian for custody of Dream


After the Six Flags fight, it was reported that Rob Kardashian wants to amend the custody agreement with Blac Chyna. 

Rob Kardashian wasn’t happy after hearing about Blac Chyna’s Six Flags fight on Easter Sunday. After the shocking video of Chyna was made public, it was reported that Rob wanted to make some changes to the custody agreement in an effort to keep his daughter safe.

Now, Blac Chyna is hitting back at Rob. According to TMZ, Chyna says that Rob better not try to change their active agreement and if he does, she’s ready to take him to court.

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After all, Blac Chyna believes she was just keeping her children safe when she decided to swing Dream’s stroller at the woman who dared to touch her child. Even though it was her own nanny who reportedly brought Dream up to the woman who ended up having an altercation with the former stripper.

After seeing the shocking video of Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian reportedly wants to amend the custody order. It was reported that Rob wants to keep Chyna’s men away from his daughter and would like to add a stipulation that she can’t have the baby girl around anyone that she hasn’t been seriously dating for at least six months.

According to People, there’s a lot more than just the Six Flags fight that he’s worried about when Dream is off with Blac Chyna. While thankful that the fight was taped for all the world to see, there’s still so much more than Rob can’t prove. However, he does know Chyna after spending a year in a relationship with her and he knows what she’s capable of.

Chyna’s lawyer Walter Mosley told TMZ that the Six Flags fight won’t have any bearing on the already active custody agreement since she was just protecting her kids. That said, he also issued a warning that if Rob does try to make changes, Chyna and her legal team will take action to keep it as is and they will use “any means necessary.”

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That sounds like a threat to Rob, who has been a wonderful father to Dream. He hasn’t been partying around his baby girl or introducing her to a host of new women. It would be interesting to see what tactics Chyna and her legal team might try to employ in order to win that one.