Blac Chyna gets harsh criticism because of Dream Kardashian’s hair


Blac Chyna shared a photo of Dream Kardashian that sparked outrage.

Dream Kardashian made quite a splash on social media. Blac Chyna shared a photo of her daughter with pink extension in her hair. This was obviously not a professional job, more like clip-on hair pieces.

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Some of the reaction was positive, but most of it was slamming Blac Chyna. She isn’t incredibly popular among the Kardashian fans. After what happened between her and Rob Kardashian last July, things haven’t been the same. Aside from that drama, Chyna was caught trying to use Dream’s stroller during an altercation on Easter.

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Critics have accused Blac Chyna of trying to make Dream Kardashian more like her. Their biggest concern was that the baby girl isn’t a doll to play dress up with. She is the spitting image of her daddy, something that may drive Chyna mad. Adding pink extensions to a toddler’s hair isn’t something many would consider, but she did it.

This is mostly a petty complaint. Dream Kardashian may be a super girly girl and could have asked for something to play “dress up.” She will turn two in October though, so she is a little young to be vocal about something like that. Whatever the intentions were, it doesn’t appear they were bad.

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Kardashian fans have it in for Blac Chyna, and rightfully so. Some of the things she has done have been over the top. Dream Kardashian is caught in the middle of her mom and dad, but both have been co-parenting amicably according to multiple reports over the past several months. Hopefully, their parenting relationship fairs better than their romantic one, especially for Dream’s sake.