Blac Chyna’s earning power down after Rob Kardashian split


Blac Chyna blew her chance to be a Kardashian and now her infamous split from Rob is hurting her bottom line. 

Back when Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna were still a thing, they were pulling top dollar just to show up to a club for an appearance. Now, it looks like Chyna’s earning power has taken a major nosedive.

Reports of Blac Chyna’s plummeting appearance value came from TMZ after reports that the stripper-turned-reality star’s reps started putting the word out that she was available to do appearances around her birthday. Chyna is turning 30 soon and was looking to use her birthday as an excuse to get paid to show up to a few events.

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Lately, though, it seems that Chyna just isn’t in demand. Not only is she available but an appearance comes at a huge discount compared to two years ago. Or even last year for that matter.

Back when Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian were doing appearances together, the former couple pulled in up to $30,000 per gig. Now, it’s been reported that Chyna alone is having a hard time getting promoters to pay her $7,000 to show up.

To make money matters even worse, one promoter told TMZ  that a Blac Chyna appearance isn’t worth more than $5,000 anymore. He even likened the couple to Sonny and Cher, saying that Chyna showing up without Rob is like Cher without Sonny. We’d argue that the comparison is interesting considering how big of a Cher fan Kim Kardashian is. Also, how big of a star Cher is and Blac Chyna is not.

In any case, that’s not even the worst of it. The unnamed promoter was actually somewhere in the middle of what kind of money Chyna seems to be demanding lately. A Miami promoter went even farther to say he wouldn’t even pay Rob Kardashian’s ex $2,000 for an appearance because “she’s not relevant anymore.” Ouch!

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Of course, there are many other streams of income that help boost Blac Chyna’s net worth. She still has her Lashed Cosmetics business and promotes many products on social media. Also, let’s not forget that Rob Kardashian is still paying her $20,000 per month.