Kim Kardashian found out about Kanye West’s controversial TMZ appearance the same way we did


When Kanye West said ”slavery was a choice,” Kim Kardashian was reportedly just as shocked as the rest of us. 

Last week, Kanye West showed up at the TMZ headquarters and had a very controversial conversation with Harvey Levin. Kanye’s comments were so shocking that a staffer from the gossip site, Van Latham, got visibly upset and even argued with Kanye about what he had to say.

Imagine Kim Kardashian’s shock when she saw the video of Kanye West talking to everyone at TMZ. According to US WeeklyKim didn’t know about Kanye’s plan to head to the HQ and share his thoughts until after the fact when everyone was watching it online.

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“Kim was really upset that Kanye chose to have a very serious discussion in a place like that,” a source told Us. “And because she wasn’t given a heads up about it beforehand.”

That makes sense considering all that we already know about the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. They typically appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when the family is working through a scandal or when they want to keep a secret. Just like last week when Kris Jenner was a guest and talked about both Kanye and Khloe’s situations.

Kris was also a guest back in December when Ellen was trying to get to the bottom of the Kylie Jenner pregnancy but Kris wouldn’t share the details. Kim Kardashian was also on her show within the last couple week. She was also seen addressing the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal and how Khloe Kardashian was doing in the wake of it.

The KarJenners prefer to keep news stories under their control and this time around, Kanye West has definitely gone in a direction that Kim and company just can’t keep up with. Now, many other celebrities have called out and even sworn of Kanye for his shocking words and for embracing Donald Trump, whom most minorities have chosen not to take sides with based on things the current POTUS has said and done.

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“Kanye shared a lot of his passionate words, which was important to him but had they been said in a different setting and time, they would have come across in a different way,” the insider added. “A lot of things he said were very serious. If he had said them in different, more planned out way it would be a different story, even positive.”

No matter how many ways Kim Kardashian tries to spin it, Kanye West has lost a lot of fans recently. Hopefully, the KarJenners can get him some help before his shocking rants start to take a toll on the family business