Kylie Jenner makes how much per Instagram post?


Having a social media following is clearly paying off for Kylie Jenner.

Getting paid to promote products is definitely a perk when you’re a celebrity. Companys will reach out to you to try and help boost their sales. Kylie Jenner has 108 million followers on Instagram right now. This is indicative of how much people pay attention to what she is doing at all times.

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Celebrities use social media for various reasons, including promotions. Kylie Jenner has boosted her makeup line with her ability to reach the masses. Instagram is just one tool she uses, but it looks like she makes bank when asked to promote a product.

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According to Us Weekly, Kylie Jenner may be making upwards of one million dollars per Instagram post. That is a lot of money, but it is also a lot of exposure. Despite being almost two decades younger than her oldest sister, Jenner is one of the highest paid members of the KarJenner clan.

Aside from Instagram, Kylie Jenner also uses YouTube. When Stormi was born, she released a video that chronicled her pregnancy. She ended up with an incredible number of views, which also meant money in her pocket. Jenner is definitely on her A-game when it comes to monetizing her life. All of that built up suspense from an unconfirmed pregnancy was a strategic move on her part.

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Kris Jenner taught Kylie Jenner something important about monetizing every aspect of your life. She is making a fortune for promotions, something that is easy enough to do. While it isn’t confirmed that she gets one million dollars per post, it isn’t unbelievable either. Jenner is a well-known name, and worth every single penny.