Colored contacts: Kim Kardashian starts a new trend at Met Gala 2018


We already know that Kim Kardashian is the queen of fashion trends so get your colored contacts out because they are in style!

Kim Kardashian attended the 2018 Met Gala without Kanye West but little did we know that she brought back one of his looks for the appearance and this time, she’s turning it into a new trend: colored contacts.

Just a couple years ago, Kanye was at the same event while wearing blue contacts. HIs look was a bit on the creepy side but it was definitely memorable. This year, Kim walked the same red carpet while wearing colored contacts but hers were a bit more subtle. Sporting brighter eyes than normal, Kim credits her creative look to a set of contacts and now, everyone wants to change their eye color too.

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In Kim’s case, much like everything else in her life, her colored contacts were custom made to go with her outfit. On her app, Kim explained that her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic came up with the idea of brightening up Kim’s already brown eyes.

“We chose honey-colored contacts that weren’t too far off from my natural eye color, just a bit brighter,” she wrote .”We can sometimes achieve this color when I wear a golden eyeliner and the lighting is right, but I wanted to really go for it on the red carpet.”

Now that Kim has come right out and admitted to wearing colored contacts as an accent to her outfit, don’t be surprised when everyone else starts doing it too. After all, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is quite a trendsetter and often trailblazes new looks before the general public starts tagging along.

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Make sure to get your honey-colored contact lenses as soon as possible. If not, you may end up missing out on the latest Kim Kardashian trend. After all, it never takes long to move from one trendy look to the next.