Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins may be more than friends


It looks like Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins may be sharing a bed.

For months rumors have swirled about Caitlyn Jenner’s love life. Since coming out as transgender and transitioning into a female, there have been a lot of complications for Jenner. Her relationship with family members has perished, especially with the Kardashians.

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I Am Cait was canceled after two seasons and since then, Caitlyn Jenner has remained out of the spotlight. It was rumored that she was dating her good friend Candis Cayne, but that turned out to be false. The two were spotted together quite often but remained only friends.

Sophia Hutchins is the latest name attached to Caitlyn Jenner. She is also transgender. The two have been spotted out together, sparking rumors they have been dating. While they deny that they are anything more than friends, a photo posted by Hutchins has raised some flags. TMZ noted that the bed in the photo Sophia posted tagged “home sweet home” was identical to the one in Caitlyn Jenner’s photos. Are the two shacking up?

After living her life in the spotlight, it isn’t shocking that Caitlyn Jenner is being quiet about her love life now. The last few years have been challenging for her, especially with the loss of the Kardashian part of her life. Everything has changed and being sucked up into a media storm with a new girlfriend probably isn’t her cup of tea.

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If the two are dating, Caitlyn Jenner has yet to make it official. While it looks like they are at the very least living together, confirmation has not come. Jenner appears to be enjoying the privacy she has now, even if it did come with a hefty price.