Kylie Jenner pop-up: Beauty mogul arrives four hours late


Kylie Jenner arrived at her pop-up several hours after she was expected.

Fashionably late or diva-like entrance? Kylie Jenner is making headlines for being four hours late to the pop-up store she set up in San Francisco for her lip kits. The beauty mogul and reality star arrived in town on Thursday night to set up the store and get things ready for the fans who would be there to shop her products and meet their idol.

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Things didn’t go as planned for Kylie Jenner yesterday when it came to getting to the pop-up on time. According to the new mom, she was waiting for the police to give her the okay to head to the event. They apparently run the show when there is a crowd waiting.

Several people waited in line for hours while others decided to camp outside overnight. Kylie Jenner is a huge star, especially among teen girls and young adults. She has dominated the reality television world and now, her lip kits are all the rage. Jenner is an icon, and getting to see her is a young girl’s dream.

While Kylie Jenner said she was only seeing a few complaints, there were plenty of unhappy fans who waited far longer than they were promised to meet her. Things appeared to go well at the event for the new mom, and those that did get to meet her gushed on social media.

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Unfortunately, being a celebrity can cause delays for events. Whether it was Kylie Jenner’s fault for being late or it was because the police advised it, the event was completed and the majority was happy.