Rihanna accused of hurling major shade at Kendall Jenner


Apparently, Rihanna’s shade can be brutal and recently, Kendall Jenner was on the receiving end of it. 

Kendall Jenner has risen quickly in the fashion world. She’s currently a top model and often makes appearances in magazines, television commercials and pretty much everywhere else that one might think to market their products. Sadly, that won’t save her from the petty wrath of Rihanna.

According to a report from Star magazine (via Rolling Out,) Rihanna took aim at Kendall during the 2018 Met Gala and the reason is the icing on the petty cake.


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Keeping in mind that Kendall is at least mostly au natural, not having had her body enhanced by surgery, she is the smallest and narrowest of the KarJenner clan. In order to continue rocking the runway, that’s sort of a must considering that the rest of the family isn’t rocking a supermodel thin body.

Leave it to Rihanna, according to the rumor mill of course, to remind Kendall that she’s not as curvy as the rest. While dressed as a very fashionable Fenty pope, Rihanna reportedly let it be known to Kendall that her outfit sucked and her figure sucks too. Not in those exact words, of course.

“Rihanna was standing next to Kendall Jenner at the bar and loudly said, ‘Good thing I have curves to pull this outfit off, I would hate to be a stick figure!” the insider said to Star. “Then she just stared at Kendall, laughed in her face and walked away.”

For what it’s worth, Kendall Jenner looked amazing at the 2018 Met Gala. She rocked a white pantsuit and while it wasn’t the most attention-seeking outfit, she looked classy and incredible. In fact, Kendall is known for a retro classy look and she wears it really well.

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Rihanna also looked great at the Met Gala, we won’t knock her fashion sense. However, if she really took aim at Kendall Jenner and her thin figure, that’s just awful. Body shaming is never okay. Thank goodness Kendall Jenner has enough confidence to just keep being her.