Rhymefest responds to Kim Kardashian Twitter rant, offers to dissolve Donda’s House


After Kim Kardashian tweeted several times at Rhymefest over the Donda’s House drama, he returned fire with one tweet. 

Another Kanye West album, another day of social media drama. It seems that’s all Kanye has created since his return to Twitter back in March and now, Kim Kardashian has again jumped into the mix. It all went down after Rhymefest, who has collaborated several times with Kanye, issued a statement regarding Donda’s House, a non-profit that the two musicians founded together.

As we reported yesterday, Kim took aim at Rhymefest in a series of tweets where she accused him of wearing “fake Yeezys,” threatened to take his non-profit away and then claimed that no one even knows who he is. The whole thing was reminiscent of the Taylor Swift drama that went down last time Kanye released an album.

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It didn’t take Rhymefest long to respond to Kim Kardashian’s Twitter rant and he managed to do it without angry typos or a long string of tweets. In a short letter that was screenshot and added to Twitter, Rhymefest made it clear that he is not worried about whether her fans know who he is or not.

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The most important part of what Rhymefest shared is the immense amount of work that he’s done for the youth of Chicago. How he’s struggled to get funding for Donda’s House even though Kanye West was supposed to be involved and how neither Kanye or Kim is showing up for any of it.

Others have chimed in too, reminding Kim Kardashian that Rhymefest had a pretty huge impact on Kanye West. Kim’s husband did not make Rhymefest famous, as one music journalist pointed out.

Not to mention that if Kim Kardashian’s fans don’t know who he is, what does that say about Kanye’s music? Rhymefest co-wrote “Jesus Walks,” a song that literally put Kanye on the map.

Back in 2015, Rhymefest told The Daily Beast that he has worked on every Kanye West album except 808s and Heartbreaks, which happens to be my least favorite Kanye album.

“I’ve written for all of Kanye’s albums with the exception of 808s & Heartbreak,” adding, “There are a lot of songs that my name isn’t even on.”

There has clearly been a problem between Rhymefest and Kanye West for some time now. Even back in 2015, he said he was fed up.

While Rhymefest may not live in a mansion and have millions in the bank, what he does have is a lot of respect. His role as a humanitarian is just as important as his role as a songwriter.

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It’s not too shocking that, after Kim Kardashian’s Twitter rant, Rhymefest and the rest of the Donda’s House staff have decided not to run the non-profit using Kanye’s mother’s name anymore. After releasing his initial statement, Donda’s House released another, letting Kim and everyone else know that they would be changing the name of the non-profile that Rhymefest worked so hard to build. If Kim wants to let her kids run Donda’s House, then they shall have it. Except that in order for it to be successful, Kim and Kanye (or whomever they hire) will have to find the funding now.