Brody Jenner’s wedding sparks drama between Linda and Caitlyn


Brody Jenner recently married his longtime partner, but the rest of the Jenner family decided not to show up. Sisters are one thing, but a missing parent strikes a nerve. Linda Thompson is making her voice heard.

Brody Jenner has finally married Kaitlynn Carter after so many years of being together. A wedding is a big event, especially for members of the Kardashian/Jenner family. Despite the beautiful location of the wedding, the other Jenners did not show up.

It’s one thing for Brody’s half-sisters not to show up, as Kylie and Kendall have never had a close relationship with him. It does strike a certain nerve when your own parent doesn’t attend your wedding though. After all, according to Linda Thompson, nothing is more important than attending your own child’s wedding.

According to PEOPLE, this is nothing new for Brody. Although it was expected for Caitlyn not to show up, it still stings a bit. Despite the absence of Caitlyn, Kylie, and Kendall, Brody’s brothers Brandon and Burt still showed up to support him.

This isn’t the first time that Brody has been left out or ignored by the women in the Jenner family. When Kylie gave birth to her baby in February, Brody stated that he didn’t even know she was pregnant. Although they do not have a close relationship, Brody doesn’t seem to have any hard feelings towards his sisters.

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Caitlyn is another story. When Brody was growing up, he and Caitlyn had a very strained relationship. Although it has gotten better in recent years, not attending Brody’s wedding seems to add more strain to the relationship. Although celebrity life is busy, that’s no excuse to miss a wedding. We’ll be waiting to see if Caitlyn shows up to one of her daughter’s weddings in the near future.

In the meantime, we’re sending our best wishes to Brody and Kaitlynn.