Blac Chyna shows baby bump in pictures at King’s graduation


Blac Chyna has been surrounded by pregnancy rumors for months. New pictures almost confirm our suspicions.

Blac Chyna has been the topic of conversation for several months. Ever since her relationship with YBN Almighty Jay began, fans have been starting rumors that she’s pregnant again. Past rumors have been proven false, but this time looks like the real thing.

Recent photos have been circulating from King’s graduation. Blac Chyna is seen carrying balloons while wearing a skin-tight, light pink dress, showing off a possible baby bump.

Blac Chyna has not said anything about these photos, so anything is possible. It might be angles, it could be a baby bump. Pregnancy wouldn’t be surprising for Blac Chyna, considering she does have two children already.

If this pregnancy rumor is true, the baby is more than likely YBN Almight Jay’s. He has stated in interviews that he would not be upset if she did get pregnant. Since she already has two kids, we know that Chyna isn’t against having kids either.

According to HotNewHipHop, we do have reason to be skeptical of these pregnancy rumors. Blac Chyna has recently posted pictures of herself with a very flat stomach.

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Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure when this picture was posted. Photoshop is always a possibility as well. The good thing about pregnancy rumors is that we will have a real answer eventually, even if it takes some waiting.

We will be standing by for these rumors to be confirmed or denied- even if it takes the whole pregnancy to find out the truth. This pregnancy wouldn’t be the first that we didn’t get any details about before the baby was born. No matter what the case is, we are ready for some more cute pictures with Dream. Maybe some pictures with Dream and a new baby…