Blac Chyna is still trying to get her hands on that Kardashian cash


Even after the case was dismissed, Blac Chyna is still claiming the Kardashians derailed her reality show. 

At some point, it would be really nice if Blac Chyna would stop complaining about the Kardashians and just move on. Many Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans suspected that Chyna’s entire relationship with Rob Kardashian was nothing more than an attempt at a money grab. It didn’t help things when she tried to put a trademark of her own on the Kardashian name and then called off everything when it didn’t work. Now, she’s making an even loftier claim about the reality TV clan.

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Blac Chyna is doubling down on her claim that the Kardashians derailed her reality show, Rob & Chyna. Despite having been a staple on the E! Network for a decade, Chyna claims that Kris Jenner and company threatened to leave the network if they moved forward with her show according to TMZ. 

But wait, it gets better. Blac Chyna is also claiming that Rob & Chyna had better ratings than KUWTK. Chyna says that her show was doing so well that E! was already filming Season 2 before she mysteriously got the ax.

Could that be due to the fact that she and Rob weren’t together? Chyna seems to forget that she and Rob split up more than six months prior to his huge Instagram explosion in July. They hadn’t been living together for months and while not officially canceled, Rob & Chyna filming was halted due to their up and down relationship and all the problems they were having. So was Chyna trying to fake a reality show?

The nail in the Rob & Chyna coffin came in July after Rob’s infamous rant. When Blac Chyna buddied up with Lisa Bloom in an effort to come after Rob, she filed a restraining order against him, ordering him to stay away from her. Now how are they going to film a reality show about being a couple when they can’t even be within 150 feet of each other?

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It would be nice if Blac Chyna would give it a rest and just move on. The only reason she even got that reality show is because of the Kardashians. Now she’s mad it’s gone after all the stunts she pulled and wants to blame that on the Kardashians too.