Kim Kardashian could run for political office in the future


Kim Kardashian says that the door for celebrities running for office is officially open. While she isn’t considering running for office in the near future, anything is possible.

Kim Kardashian has been busy the past several months trying to get Alice Johnson out of prison. She had a successful meeting with President Trump and Jared Kushner this week, resulting in Alice Johnson’s pardon. After speaking about prison reform with President Trump, there is a lot of political pressure on Kim and people want to know if she will ever consider running for political office.

Although Kanye West has stated he is considering running for office in the near future, but Newsweek reports that Kim feels a bit different about running herself. In an interview on “The Van Jones Show,” Kim stated, “I guess never say never. But that’s not going to be like, ‘Kim’s running.’ That’s not where I am. I just want to help starting one person at a time.”

Kim already has a lot on her plate. Not only is she a mother of three, she also has a lot going on with her own business, KKW Beauty. It makes the most sense for Kim to focus on her family and business than to consider running for office right now. She is definitely more interested in making changes on her own terms than to abide by political limitations.

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While we will support Kim no matter what choice she makes, it seems like she has made the best decision not to run. She can easily use her celebrity status now to help people and make changes without political limitations. We can’t wait see what move she makes next. We’re excited to learn more about her plans in change and reformation. We never know what Kim Kardashian will do next.