Kanye West pays tribute to a new hero on Twitter


If you’re confused by what Kanye West is doing on Twitter, join the club. Yeezy’s latest shock tweet includes a tribute to Emma Gonazelez and now we just don’t know what to think. 

Ever since Kanye West’s April 13 return to Twitter, he’s been very busy sharing his thoughts with the world. The problem is, many of those tweets have been erratic, while others have just been downright inflammatory. Then, when Kanye is on the verge of losing millions of fans after embracing Donald Trump, he turned full-circle and declared Emma Gonzalez to be his hero. What!?!

Emma Gonzalez is a human rights hero and a survivor of the Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Parkland, Florida. She and a small group of students from the school gained prominence after they used the tragedy as a springboard to start their campaign for better gun laws in the US.

She and the movement she is helping to lead are about as far away from Donald Trump politically that you can get. The POTUS can’t possibly be happy about this deviation after he thanked Kanye earlier for all his support. So what’s going on?

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Trump was silent about Kanye’s hero but his supporters spoke volumes. Many voiced their disdain for the Parkland shooting survivor and even told Kanye, “And you lost us.” That proved that their new admiration for Kanye was only about his support for the president. Some of Trump’s fans even went so far as to respond to the tweet with boos and jeers.

After getting a haircut, Kanye doubled up on his Emma Gonzales love, posting again about how she inspired him. Kanye, now bald, has the same haircut as his hero. Is it any coincidence that it looks a lot like the same bald head he sported for years? It’s only recently that Kanye has been wearing his hair long and often either bleached blonde or dyed a strange mix of colors. So was he really inspired by Emma or was it just time for a haircut?

It’s worth noting that the spectacle didn’t exactly impress Emma. Rather than falling all over Kanye like a starstruck fan, she responded by naming her hero. Spoiler alert — it’s not a celebrity.

It turns out Emma Gonzalez’ hero is the man who recently saved lives during the Waffle House shooting while unarmed. James Shaw not only saved a restaurant full of people but after that, he raised more than $200,000 to help the victims of that event. He is a true hero and so is Emma Gonzalez no matter what sort of backlash Kanye West receives for it.

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Hopefully, Kanye will see by the way his new “friends” reacted that they aren’t friends at all. Many fans want the old Kanye back. Not this new incarnation that makes little sense after 287 tweets in two weeks, prompting many to question if he’s actually doing okay now or if this is indicative of another Kanye breakdown.