Blac Chyna disses Rob Kardashian for Father’s Day


Blac Chyna took Father’s Day of 2018 as an opportunity to post a diss towards her children’s fathers.

Blac Chyna is still out to get that Kardashian money- and any other money she can get her hands on as well. While all of Rob Kardashian’s family is proud of him for how well he has been handling his separation from Chyna and his help in raising Dream, it’s not enough for Chyna. She just wants that cold hard cash and is using her daughter to get it.

TMZ reports that Blac Chyna posted on her Instagram story for Father’s Day. Rather than celebrate the fathers of her children, she decided to diss on them and accuse them both of not paying child support. We don’t know all the details about Tyga paying child support, but we do know that Rob has consistently paid child support and he never misses a visit with Dream.

This attempt to get Rob to come after her and ruin his rights to parenting Dream is an immature move. Chyna is already disregarding their agreement to keep the situation off of social media, and she’s blatantly lying about what’s happening.

Blac Chyna is mad that Rob wants to lower the amount he is paying her every month for child support. Rob is already paying $20k a month, which is more than enough to raise a child and pay for nannies. This is a sorry attempt to stir up drama and make Rob look like a bad parent.

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No matter what Chyna says, we know the truth about Rob. Rob is being the best parent he can for Dream, he pays child support, and he makes sure his daughter is taken care of. This is an amazing thing to do while battling depression and body image issues. We’re proud of you, Rob.