Kylie Jenner is looking sexy in photoshoot with a Lamborghini


Kylie Jenner is back out showing off her curvy body after having her baby back in February.

Kylie Jenner has been teasing us quite a bit lately. She has been seen wearing a lot of baggy clothes lately, but she’s back to show us how awesome she looks after giving birth. The new mom posted several pictures on Instagram this week showing off her curves.

Daily Mail reports that Kylie did an impromptu ad with Uber, posing with what appears to be a Lamborghini. The car is beautiful for sure, but it’s nothing compared to Kylie’s good looks. She took this chance to show off her body with a crop top and leather, all the way down.

The makeup mogul looks beautiful in the summer sun. Her skin is glowing, her figure is full, and she’s having a good time with this ad. We can’t get over the leather pants clinging to her or her shiny black combat boots. Kylie is giving us the essence of beauty in this photoshoot.

This photoshoot isn’t the first time this summer that Kylie decided to bless us with her curves. On a recent trip to Europe, she was seen wearing a two-piece Fendi outfit. Kylie is all about the bright colors this summer, looking happy, curvy, and free. We have to say we’re jealous over how good her body looks after having a baby earlier this year.

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These two outfits are iconic looks. The bright green of the Fendi two-piece and the punk appearance of the black leathers show us that Kylie can pull off any style she decides to wear. Kylie has been generous with surprising us this year, but we still can’t wait to see what Kylie decides to do, and wear, next this year.