Kourtney Kardashian is serving looks on her Italian vacation


Kourtney Kardashian is living it up on vacation in Italy with her boyfriend, Younes Bendjima. Almost every day she shows off her beautiful outfits. With looks like hers, it’s hard to tell that she’s the oldest Kardashian sister.

Kourtney Kardashian is taking a trip to Italy with Younes Bendjima, and she’s taking us all on her trip via Instagram. The pictures are beautiful, but what’s even more beautiful are the clothes that Kourtney is wearing for this trip. There is no shortage of high fashion to be found.

ET Online reports just how stunning Kourtney is- specifically in a blue tube top. Kourtney is seen in a blue two piece outfit on a motor scooter. Kourtney poses for us on a boat while wearing a  white dress and matching sunglasses.

These aren’t the first pictures we’ve seen from Kourtney’s vacation. She has posted more than one iconic look the past few days. Our personal favorite is another boat outfit, giving us bright orange matched with neutral black and white. It is a beautiful and stunning outfit on Kourtney.

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We can’t help but to appreciate every look Kourtney gives us. Her high sense of fashion makes us all a little jealous- but she’s the perfect model. Her skin is glowing for multiples reasons- the summer sun being one, and her relationship with Younes being another. This positive impact on her life has helped her in more ways than we know. This relationship has been a definite positive in Kourtney’s life.

Kourtney is living a life we all aspire to have. She is growing from her past, raising her children, in a happy relationship, and living life as she pleases. We could all stand to learn a little from this Kardashian sister. Maybe if we take enough of her advice, we’ll get there.