Tristan Thompson finally unblocks Kim Kardashian on Instagram


Tristan Thompson has been a busy man over the past year. Between cheating scandals and having a baby, we know that he’s been around. Now he’s finally making amends with people that he has done wrong.

Tristan Thompson broke the internet back in the spring when his cheating scandal broke. The basketball star had been caught cheating on Khloe Kardashian the whole time that she was pregnant with their daughter, True. This scandal put his relationship with the whole KarJenner family in a pretty sticky situation.

Of course,  Kim Kardashian stepped in to support her sister Khloe. After some insults on social media and more than likely in person, Tristan blocked Kim on Instagram. Now that the family is being a little more accepting of Khloe’s relationship with Tristan, Kim and Tristan are back on friendly terms.

People reports that the two made amends at a party for Khloe’s birthday. Kim asked the basketball star if he would unblock her, and rather than to just say yes, Tristan took it a step further. He unblocked Kim right there at the party, in front of the two sisters.

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Although this event can be considered anticlimactic, it gave us some insight to Tristan and Khloe’s relationship. Tristan admitted that Khloe knows the passcode to his phone. We can only imagine that this information was given to Khloe after the scandal broke. Perhaps it’s a condition of their mended relationship. After all, Khloe put a lot of faith on the line when she decided to stay with Tristan after everything that he put her through.

Regardless of our opinion on Khloe staying with Tristan, we are happy that the couple is working things out. It is not easy to be as forgiving as Khloe Kardashian. All we can do is trust her decision.