Kim Kardashian shares money advice she learned from her parents


Kim Kardashian lives a lifestyle that most of us can’t beat. She has the motivation to eat healthy and workout every day. She also has the money smarts to keep track of her own business and fortunate. We just want to know, how?

Kim Kardashian inspires a lot of different thoughts in a lot of different people. Many people think of her body, or her makeup. Some people see Kim and think of her family, whether it’s her sisters, children, or her husband, Kanye West. Most people don’t think about how well Kim handles her money.

In a recent essay for Wealthsimple, Kim tells us what motivated her to start working as hard as she does and what keeps her going today. Kim Kardashian started working when she was 16 years old and hasn’t stopped since. She has always been motivated to do her best, and this has gotten her an empire.

Kim Kardashian says her biggest influences are her parents. Although her father has passed away, he gave her the best advice for keeping a good credit score and balancing your bank account. Kim thanks her father for her hardworking lifestyle, since it was mostly him who wanted her to succeed through hard work.

Kim says that a big thanks is in order to Kris Jenner as well, who always tells her what is a good investment or a bad investment. When you’re the best momager in the world, you really do have to know everything. According to Kris, real estate is the best thing to invest in.

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So what’s the best investment that Kim has made? Kim says the best choice she ever made was to invest in herself. She knows it sounds cheesy, but she really is the person who pushed herself the most. Let’s believe in ourselves like Kim believes in herself.