Lamar Odom reveals he has decided to move to China


Lamar Odom just revealed his big plans and he is wanting to move to China. If he ever wanted to get away from the Kardashians, that will do it.

The fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians have been worried about Lamar ever since he was found unconscious in the brothel. Khloe rushed to be by his side at the time. Since then, the two actually got a divorce and she has moved on. Now it sounds like Lamar is actually moving away from the United States and far from the Kardashians.

People shared the details about what is going on now. Lamar Odom actually made a post on his Instagram, but then he later deleted it. The post said, “Happy & Proud to announce that I have signed a global management contract with my new @ninetyplusofficial family and decided to move to Shenzhen, China. This month, I have spend a few weeks in Shenzhen (China) signing new deals and I feel so overwhelmed and blessed with my new Chinese business partners and management @mr2rchiang @iamzoul.” The thing is Lamar later deleted the post, which has everyone wondering what is going on.

Odom went on to explain a few more things in the post saying that he likes how China is so into basketball. He also thanked the fans for how supportive they have been to him.

So far, Lamar isn’t saying a word about the move since this now deleted post. Khloe Kardashian also hasn’t shared her thoughts, but she seems to have moved on from talking about Lamar, so she is probably going to stay quiet.

Lamar Odom seems to be doing better since his split from Khloe, but it is still surprising that he would move. Lamar’s children are in the United States and the idea that he wouldn’t be near them is pretty shocking. Time will only tell if he ends up moving or not.

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