Tristan Thompson not shown in Kylie’s birthday mural


Tristan Thompson may be a part of the Kardashian family, but that doesn’t mean everyone is happy about it. Footage from Kylie’s birthday party this weekend show that he was not part of a mural of the family.

Tristan Thompson has had a hard time making his way into the Kardashian family after it was revealed that he was cheating on Khloe during her pregnancy. With a family as tight as the Kardashian-Jenner clan, it’s not surprising to see the family be upset with him for hurting Khloe. Although Khloe wants him to be part of the family, everyone else isn’t so sure.

Kylie celebrated her 21 birthday this week with her family and friends. There have been a lot of social media posts regarding this event. All of the sisters were so excited to see Kylie finally turn 21 and to be able to go out and celebrate. E! reports that there was a birthday mural shared by the family on Snapchat, but Tristan isn’t included.

However, Tristan is not the only one. True Thompson, North West, Saint West, and Chicago West were also left out of the mural. Perhaps the idea was a kid-free, adult-only work of art. We were shocked to see that Scott Disick was included in the mural despite his relationship with Kourtney being over. Scott and Kourtney’s kids weren’t included either.

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We aren’t sure who decided who got to be included on the mural, but it seems very inconsiderate to Khloe and her own family to have Tristan left out. Many of us agree that Khloe deserves better than someone who has cheated on her so much, it isn’t right for us or her family to judge her decision to keep her family together. We’re hoping that the Kardashian-Jenner family will warm up to Tristan sooner rather than later.