Tristan Thompson spotted with mystery woman


Tristan Thompson already cheated on Khloe Kardashian before and now he was spotted with a mystery woman. Rumor is it looked like they were more than friends.

Life & Style shared the details about this girl that Tristan Thompson was seen out with recently. Tristan was actually caught cheating on Khloe with more than one girl right before Kardashian had their daughter True.

While he was teaching a basketball camp in Toronto on Aug. 9, Tristan was seen with a mystery woman. An employee at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre is the one speaking out about it. There was a woman there, but she wasn’t Khloe Kardashian. She was with the entourage. It turns out that Tristan had his hand on this girl’s lower back. The source said they looked like they were more than friends.

Tristan was teaching the camp and the girl hung out in the locker room the entire time. This is all a bit odd seeing the way he cheated on Khloe before. You have to wonder what is going on. So far, Tristan and Khloe aren’t speaking out about who the girl was either.

Also, the Kardashians just celebrated Kylie Jenner’s big 21st birthday. Tristan Thompson wasn’t around, which the rest of the family was there. You would think that he should have been there to hang out with the family for this big birthday.  Kylie had a big birthday mural and they left Tristan totally out of that as well. This was shared by the family on Snapchat. It has been made pretty obvious that the family doesn’t care for Tristan after the recent cheating scandal.

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