Kim Kardashian: can she handle Kanye’s Twitter rants? Signs point to no


We all stare at Kanye West’s tweets with disbelief from time to time. Reportedly, Kim Kardashian has the same reaction when she sees what her husband tweets about and she can’t stand it.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have had a pretty solid relationship except when he goes off the deep end on Twitter. According to a Cosmopolitan source, Kim can’t stand it when Kanye goes on his Twitter rants, despite sticking up for him on the platform.

There has been a lot of drama recently between Drake and Kanye West on Twitter. Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, had to get involved this time when she felt Drake was threatening her family. To everyone’s surprise she got involved and tweeted about the feud on Twitter. Kim Kardashian doesn’t usually participate in these types of things. However, even though she stood up for her family, she ‘can’t stand it’ when Kanye gets on these Twitter rants.

The source reports Kim does she knows she needs to do for her family but the Twitter negativity still gets to her. I can understand that. Kim probably always wants to be there for her family and husband, but how do you handle Kanye’s crazy rants up close?

Kim has admitted before that when Kanye starts going crazy she doesn’t really know how to handle him. She loves him a lot but they don’t always see eye to eye on everything. Most married couples don’t so I guess they are more normal then it may come across.

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Could you handle Kanye if you were with him? Let us know what you would do when he goes on crazy rants in the comments and stay tuned for all Kardashian-West news. Who knows what crazy thing Kanye will say on social media next.