Khloe Kardashian becomes Instagram seductive siren with slightly open pink lips, softly tousled pink hair in new photo


Khloe Kardashian is pretty in pink on Instagram, with her rosy lips slightly opened, her newly pink hair tousled, and oh those incredibly long-lashed eyes!

Khloe Kardashian reminds us of the Greek myth about sirens, wondrous females who crooned and lured sailors to head to potentially dangerous situations in the sea.

Appealing to the sailors floating around the sometimes dangerous seas of Instagram, like a siren of mythology, Khloe is showing off her most sultry look yet in a new photo. Kardashian wows us in so many ways, and we’ve got the details below, along with her new Instagram pic.

Khloe Kardashian, how did you match your hair hue and lips?

Yo, Khloe! We’re looking at your Instagram pic and want to know: Will you share the sultry secret of achieving pink hair and lips?

Apparently Kardashian isn’t telling, with even the usually first-to-report Daily Mail only pointing out that Khloe has achieved pink locks. Kardashian had been platinum blonde, looking so shockingly like her little sister Kylie Jenner that some fans were upset.

But now Khloe is taking the pink paved path to boosting her own Instagram fame, with the 34-year-old new mom urging her fans to appreciate life. She no longer looks like a clone of Kylie.

With her perfectly plucked eyebrows, long lashes, and soft hair, Kardashian received appreciation more for her new look than for life.

“I LOVE this hair color on you!!!” gushed one fan.

Khloe Kardashian seeks changes

While fans continue to flood Khloe with compliments about her new look, we think that Kardashian is deliberately seeking a way to change herself.

Not just her appearance (although those stunning pink locks definitely qualify) but after becoming a new mom, Khloe has become more open about her feelings. When Kardashian cuddles her daughter, her expression shows her beautiful love for her first-born baby.

“You’ll never get the same moment twice. Appreciate this moment,” reflected Khloe in the caption.

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We think that means she wants to appreciate every moment of her daughter’s life, regardless of what happens with the drama over cheating Tristan Thompson. What do you think of Khloe Kardashian flaunting that pink hair? Share your comments below.