Kylie Jenner competes with Kim Kardashian and sisters for best body: Her new weight loss diet


Kylie Jenner reportedly is “obsessed” with an extreme weight loss diet, competing with Kim Kardashian and her KUWTK sisters for the best body!

Kylie Jenner has been flaunting her post-pregnancy body on social media for months, showing off her flat tummy and whittled waistline.

But although Jenner looks fabulous to her fans, a new report claims that Kylie is obsessed with losing even more weight after welcoming her baby. Her goal: Achieve a better body than her KUWTK sisters!

Kylie Jenner turns to extreme weight loss diet, alleges insider

Jenner is “obsessed” with weight loss, according to an insider cited by OK magazine.

While her Keeping Up With The Kardashians relatives were enjoying holiday treats, Kylie “has been pretty much starving herself,” added the source.

Jenner has set a goal of “having the best figure by the time the family go on their next holiday vacation,” clarified the insider.

Here’s what Kylie Jenner eats on 500-calorie diet

The source also revealed exactly what Kylie eats:

  • one smoothie
  • a handful of nuts
  • hot lemon water

The insider pointed out that Jenner already has “a body most women would kill for, but Kylie seems to be taking things to ridiculous extremes.”

As for whether Kylie consumes anything other than that smoothie and those nuts? “Not much else,” insisted the source.

Kim Kardashian inspires Kylie Jenner

Big sister Kim Kardashian, famous for her own weight loss success on a keto diet, has become the role model for Jenner, according to the insider.

Kardashian reportedly went on an extremely low-calorie diet herself at one point to get an even more sculpted figure. Kim also hired a personal trainer to coach her on her diet and fitness program.

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What do you think about the extreme weight loss diet that Kylie Jenner reportedly is following? Judging by her photos, do you think that the new mom of Stormi really needs to lose even more weight? Tell us your thoughts below.