Kylie Jenner Instagram slays in Calvin Klein bra, underwear amid extreme weight loss diet


Kylie Jenner slays Instagram by slipping into her Calvin Klein bra and underwear. The KUWTK star reportedly is on a new extreme weight loss diet.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) star Kylie Jenner looks stunning in her new Instagram photo.

Jenner posted the photo just after the news that an egg beat her for the most Instagram likes.

Kylie Jenner stuns Instagram in bra and underwear

Less than a year after welcoming her first baby into the world, Jenner donned her Calvin Klein bra and underwear to show off her slim waistline and flat tummy.

With her lips slightly parted, Kylie lets her long hair flow loosely over her shoulders.

Jenner shows off her cleavage and collarbone in the bra, which also gives her a chance to show off that whittled waistline.

After following what’s reported to be an extreme weight loss diet, Kylie has an enviably flat tummy, and the low-cut underwear shows how hard she’s been working on her body.

Kylie has been following what an insider told In Touch is an extremely strict diet.

Kylie Jenner ‘starving herself,’ claims insider

The source claimed that after Jenner realized pregnancy had totally changed her body at a young age, she started the diet.

“Kylie’s become totally fixated on having the perfect figure,” said the insider.

Jenner reportedly is eating only 500 calories daily.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star allegedly is so stressed about her weight that she “pinches her stomach and thighs and complains she’s fat,” claimed the source.

Although Kylie followed a healthy diet prior to her pregnancy, she has become increasingly serious about weight loss, according to the insider.

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We think Kylie Jenner looks gorgeous just the way she is. Do you agree? Share your thoughts on Kylie and the rumors that she’s on an extreme weight loss diet in our comments section.