Kim Kardashian, Kourtney, Khloe talk Caitlyn, Kanye, Trump on WWHL: Andy Cohen posts weird KUWTK Instagram pic [Video]


Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian just spilled all the gossip to Andy Cohen on his WWHL talk show.

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian just completed the first joint interview that the trio has done in years.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) stars also made history by making their first appearance as a trio on Andy Cohen’s talk show, Watch What Happens Live (WWHL).

And when it comes to sharing, Kim and her Kardashian sisters more than came through! From talking politics (did they help to elect Donald Trump) to Sofia Richie (how would Kourtney feel if her baby daddy proposed to another woman?) and more, the KUWTK stars spilled the tastiest gossip tea!

Kim Kardashian talks Caitlyn Jenner as Andy Cohen posts weird Instagram pic

Not surprisingly, Kim seemed to take the lead in answering Cohen’s questions to the Kardashian sisters.

Too Fab reported that it was Kim Kardashian who opened up about both Caitlyn Jenner.

When asked if the Kardashian sisters talk with Caitlyn Jenner, their stepparent, Kim stated that they had talked to her around Christmas time.

“It’s like, new year, drama free,” said Kardashian, calling that statement the sisters’ “motto” in 2019.

The photo that Andy Cohen posted of the KUWTK stars’ appearance did create some drama, however.

Some fans thought that Kim was almost unrecognizable, expressing shock at what she was wearing (Kim Kardashian, the 1960s called, and they want their tie-dye back!).

Others thought that Kourtney looked too thin, while Khloe of all three Kardashian sisters came away without ridicule from the photo.

Kim Kardashian talks Taylor Swift, baby, and politics

Kim also talked about her feud with Taylor Swift.

Calling herself “over it,” Kardashian said she felt that she and Kanye West had both “moved on.”

As for the rumors that the Kardashian family is somehow responsible for getting Donald Trump elected president?

“If we have that much power, thank you so much, but we don’t,” said Kim.

Kardashian even spilled the tea  on the rumors that she is having a fourth baby and it’s a boy.

Now that’s tea of Real Housewives quality! Speaking of which, the Kardashian sisters expressed interested in doing a Real Housewives type of reunion with Andy Cohen. Yes, please.

Kim Kardashian even chimes in on Kourtney’s comment about Scott Disick

Kourtney responded when Andy asked her how she would react if her baby daddy and ex-boyfriend Scott Disick proposes to his current girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

“Congratulations,” said Kourtney

To which Kim added her two cents.

“Yeah, we vacationed together. It’s all good,” said the apparent leader of the Kardashian pack.

Kim Kardashian talks Kylie Jenner vs egg and Kanye vs Twitter

Poor Kylie! An egg just beat Kylie Jenner for Instagram likes. Kylie previously had the record number of likes for her baby announcement.

“That was kind of genius marketing, honestly,” admitted Kim.

As for Kanye West’s infamous Twitter tirades, Kim feels that her husband turns to Twitter for therapy.

"He was like, ‘Look, some people express themselves, like if it’s about a person, in diss records. I’ve never done that. Some people see a therapist … To me, Twitter is my therapy and it’s legal. …People could end up in jail for maybe the things I’m thinking, but if I just tweet it all it might be 150 tweets, but it’s how I get it out, then I feel better and I’m over it for a while."

Khloe on Tristan Thompson cheating and Kim Kardashian getting furious

Looking back, Kim confessed that she didn’t know why she was “so pissed off” about learning Tristan Thompson had cheated on Khloe.

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Khloe said she did know: “You love me!”