Kylie Jenner loves her baby, but guess who changes diapers, dresses and feeds Stormi?


Kylie Jenner has shared her love for her baby girl Stormi with her fans, but does the KUWTK star do messy mom tasks such as feeding and diaper duty?

Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) star Kylie Jenner, after months of hiding her pregnancy, has been generous in sharing her love for her baby with her fans.

Jenner often posts the cutest photos on Instagram of the reality TV star with her daughter Stormi. But when it comes to those often messy tasks that parents face, such as changing poopy diapers or feeding baby jars of orange squash, does Kylie do the work herself?

Kylie Jenner has special relationship with her baby girl

No one’s denying that Jenner truly loves her daughter, whose baby daddy is rapper Travis Scott.

But an insider told Heat that Kylie turns to her nanny squad when it comes to messy tasks like diaper duty.

“Kylie has round-the-clock childcare, and she makes sure that any time she spends with Stormi is the ‘fun’ time,” said the source.

That reportedly means that when the baby girl starts crying, yelling, or creating a mess, it’s up to the nanny or another Jenner staff member to step in.

Is Kylie Jenner sleep-deprived from having a baby?

Kylie allegedly doesn’t even miss out on sleep, like so many parents.

Instead, thanks to the nanny squad, Jenner gets to sleep late, said the insider.

The KUWTK star also reportedly doesn’t have to get up early if her baby wakes up and is crying in the morning.

Jenner “sleeps in and doesn’t wake up at night, so her life is pretty easy, even when Travis is on the road,” summed up the source.

From making her daughter’s meals to putting Stormi to bed, Kylie enjoys the fun parts of being a mom, according to the insider.

Does Kylie Jenner ever change diapers?

Jenner and Travis often enjoy date nights, said the source. That means Kylie usually escapes changing diapers.

The source claimed that Jenner changes her baby’s diapers only “once every two weeks.”

And although Kylie “loves Stormi,” she also avoids the often tricky task of putting on her baby’s clothes, according to the insider.

“[Kylie Jenner] may love picking out clothes for her, but who do you think actually dresses her?” asked the source.

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We think that even if Jenner skips the diaper duty, her love for her baby is precious and heartfelt!