Kris Jenner bribes Rob Kardashian with huge amounts of money to lose weight


It sounds like Rob Kardashian is set to come back to KUWTK, but before that he’s on a weight loss mission. Kris Jenner has made him the ultimate weight loss plan.

Kris Jenner helps Rob Kardashian lose weight

Rob Kardashian is currently part of the best weight loss plan ever. Mom Kris Jenner is offering to give him half a million dollars for every 10 pounds he loses according to BET.

An insider said she is just willing to do whatever she can to help her son get healthier.

"“She told him that she will give him a half a million dollar increase for every 10 pounds he loses. He has been working out non-stop, and she is so proud of him because she really wants him to come back strong,” the insider said"

Forget weight loss programs, I’m ready to do Kris Jenner’s weight loss plan! It sounds like it’s been working though and Rob Kardashian really is starting to lose weight. He’s been struggling with his weight for what seems like forever now, so hopefully all this money will really get him going and we can see him on Keeping up with the Kardashians again.

Rob starts dating

In addition to losing weight and coming back to the show, it looks like Rob may be dating again. It’s been a while since he broke up with Blac Chyna and the drama has been non stop sense. A new girlfriend might be super good for the single dad.

It looks like he’s starting to be with Love & Hip Hop star Alexis Skyy now. Of course Kris Jenner is through the roof and only wants the best for all her babies.

According to the insider though Rob’s happiness isn’t the only reason. She also wants some Rob romance for ratings. You know, because everyone is so into Rob Kardashian’s love life.

"“Needless to say, Kris would love it if the two of them are together when he starts filming because that would mean she could use their romance for ratings,” the source said"

Despite his weight loss or new girlfriend I really am just excited to see Rob on the show again. We haven’t seen much of him or his adorable daughter dream so it will be fun to have them maybe both be back on the show.

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Are you ready for Rob Kardashian to come back on the show? Let us know what you think about that and his new weight loss program in the comments below and stay tuned for more Kardashian news. You won’t want to miss if Rob comes back on the show!