Kylie Jenner suffers from sickness while still rocking Instagram


Kylie Jenner never stops impressing fans, even when she’s suffering from an illness that keeps most of us down. The makeup guru is suffering from strep throat but still taking the social media world by storm(i).

Kylie Jenner suffers

According to PopcultureKylie Jenner revealed on Twitter that she’s actually really sick right now with a sickness a lot of us have probably had and HATED. The KUWTK star is suffering from strep throat. When one fan tweeted Kylie saying they wanted another makeup tutorial video, Kylie responded with: “Coming next week i unfortunately have strep throat so taking it easy this weekend”

Don’t worry, Kylie’s social media hasn’t been affected by the illness. She just posted a photo today where she’s nearly showing off her whole upper body in a strapless red dress. Just like in her other Valentine’s promotion shots, she’s sporting red hair. This time she’s got some old style finger waves.

We hope Kylie gets better soon so she can go back to being a great mom and business woman. We just hope little Stormi hasn’t been around! That is one of many sicknesses you definitely do not want a baby to get.

Another reason we want Kylie Jenner to get better soon? Rumor has it, long time boyfriend Travis Scott may just be proposing to her when her performs at the Super Bowl. How cute would that be?

Although she doesn’t seem too sporty, it’s just the big production we could expect Kylie to want when she gets engaged. I don’t like sports too much but I will definitely be watching to see if that happens.

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Do you think Travis Scott will propose to Kylie Jenner when he performs at The Super Bowl? Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for more Kardashian and Jenner sister news. You never know what they will post next.